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Our origins

Elysium Partners started trading in July 1991.  The name Elysium was chosen for two reasons. The first was that the Dutch daughter of a friend was staying with us, and exclaimed one morning 'it's paradise here!'. Secondly, at the time I was the victim of a boardroom coup at a previous company that I founded (as Chairman, I wanted to adopt a conservative approach at a time of recession, despite our profitability - our venture capital funders viewed it as an opportunity. I left a profitable company. They went into receivership 9 months later...). Elysium was described in a book that I was reading at the time as the Greek mythological equivalent of paradise, 'where the illegitimate offspring of the gods are retired to'. It seemed like a good choice. Elysium Partners was borne.

However partnerships are not something that large companies seem to understand. We don't have 'Certificates of Incorporation' and the buck really stops with the partners.

So we founded Elysium Ltd, and carried on our business interests through them, building it into a successful and small business with many leading edge credentials. I carried on with my standards interests, and chaired the UK BSI committee responsible for the JPEG and MPEG series of standards for over 11 years, as well as editing numerous ISO standards (such as for JPEG 2000 Reference Software), and running JPEG and MPEG web sites. I still am JPEG's honorary webmaster, nearly 18 years later.

In May 2014 I retired from Elysium Ltd, handing the company over as (I hope) a valuable asset to my staff, who had supported me over many years. They continue to thrive. I have reverted along with my wife Jane to working through Elysium Partners, keeping some of my old clients, and specific business interests in multimedia, standardisation, accessibility and software design. And I offer occasional consultancy of course.

How to contact us

Email: info@elysiumpartners.co.uk

Phone: +44 1892 655050

Post: The Old Barn, Stone Cross, Crowborough, East Sussex, TN6 3SJ, UK